Garden Design Portfolio


"I recently bought a small back garden that needed a rework, and I'm so glad to have found Lisa on the internet. After surveying the space and listening to my requirements, she came up with a plan which suited my needs (easy to handle and nice to look at). She contracted Raymond the gardener to remove all the weeds from the long neglected garden, ordered the plants to be delivered, planted the flowers herself, and even taught me the proper ways to plant and take care of them! What I appreciated the most, however, was that, after she created the plan, I suddenly remembered a plant I really wanted Lavender (Edelweiss). She could have just said no and stuck to the plan, but she actually made the effort to search for the plant for me. Now I'll be able to look forward to the small-and-white, clean-and-bright flowers to greet me every morning.


Lisa is diligent, honest, and efficient. I also appreciate the fact that she was not shy about telling me the estimated cost of everything upfront, so that I had an idea how much it would be before making any commitment. Of course, every penny is worth it."

Karen Johnston, North Berwick, East Lothian