Some recent media coverage is shown below including an article with The Scotsman (July 2023) and a podcast with ESPC (September 2023).


Property Podcast: Advice is on Right Wavelength (The Scotsman, July 2023)

"The last three years have seen a huge rise in homeowners investing in their gardens, with everything from eating areas, outdoor kitchens and stand-alone garden offices becoming sought-after features of any property with outside space.

A full makeover is seen as one of the best ways to invest in your home and now is estimated to net a better return than a new kitchen project, an extension or a loft conversion.

So, with summer in full bloom, Kirsty speaks to Edinburgh-based garden designer Lisa Lempsink about these outdoor trends and the process involved in a garden redesign."

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"There is a growing awareness of plants that will bring in birds, bees and butterflies, and everyone asks about that. Wildflower meadows are very popular too.

Sustainability in garden design is really important, people are interested in reusing materials so they don’t have to cart things away only to replace them with something else. Using natural resources is much more prevalent now..."


Lisa Lempsink,
in conversation with Kirsty McLuckie, Scotsman Homes