Garden Design Services

Planting Plan and Aftercare

Planting plan

It is important that the planting chosen for your garden not only complements the design but is carefully thought out to take account of a number of factors. Aspect, frost pockets, wind tunnels, boggy or very dry areas in the garden can cause the untimely demise of plants that don’t like those sorts of conditions. Thought needs to be put into this and at the same time texture, form, colour and seasonality need to be combined to add the finishing touches. The planting plan will show not only the plant varieties but the numbers needed of each and where they are to be placed in the garden.

Planting Service

We offer a full supply and planting service. We buy our plants from highly reputable and good quality plant nurseries and are happy to organise the purchase and supply of plants for your garden if you wish. We are also happy to plant up your garden for you, with you or simply leave that up to you.


We can recommend reliable and reputable garden maintenance contractors if you wish. We can also arrange periodic future visits to your garden to discuss and advise on a variety of matters, ensuring your continued well maintained garden.





"I gave you an empty awkward unloved space in my garden and you transformed it. I was impressed by your professionalism and your planning and organisation. Your enthusiasm also gave me confidence and you listened to what I wanted. Thank-you."

Chrissie Ross, Edinburgh