Garden Design Services

Garden Build & Project Management

Garden Build

We can advise you on reliable high quality contractors that we work with regularly to undertake your garden build. We will supply both black and white copies of the final design and detailed technical specifications to the contractors on which they will base their quotations.

Project Management

We can manage the garden build on your behalf if you wish us to do so. This will keep the project on track in terms of time and budget and will ensure the garden is built to the design and specifications. The number of site visits to manage the project will be agreed with the client prior to start of the garden build which means the client will know the cost of the project management from the start.





"Lisa did an amazing job in transforming my elderly parents' very large and chaotic garden into a beautiful oasis of calm. She designed and project managed a safe and low maintenance garden, incorporating raised beds and seating, and using forest bark, Cedagravel and stone paving for surface areas. My mum and dad tell all their visitors how Lisa made such a huge difference to their enjoyment of the garden. She was very professional, charming and kind."

Margaret Edwards, Glasgow