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Top Tasks In Your Winter Garden

There is still plenty to keep you going in your winter garden over the next few months and on crisp, sunny days it can be a real pleasure spending time outdoors. Here are some hints and tips on what to tackle over the next few months.

Frosted Hydrangea Leaves

Top Garden Jobs for December

• Rake up leaves from grass to avoid damage to your lawn.
• Dig over areas in preparation for sowing a new lawn in spring.
• Prune Acers, Birches and Vines.
• Plant bare-root fruit. If the ground is too frosty when you get the plants, roughly plant them in a temporary spot ready to move to their final position once the weather improves.
• Put a floating ball in the pond to stop part of the ice freezing. This allows methane gas produced by decaying vegetation to escape.

Top Garden Jobs for January

• Unless the borders are wet or frozen, you can start digging them for new planting
• Cut back old leaves from perennials, being careful not to damage new shoots
• Wash old pots and tools ready for spring
• Cover pre-dug soil with fleece, polythene or cloches to warm the soil ready for sowing or planting
• Plant open ground roses, shrubs, trees and fruit

Top Garden Jobs for February/March

• Split established clumps of herbaceous perennials to improve flowering and vigour.
• Cut back summer flowering clematis hard to promote growth and trim back flowered shoots on winter Jasmine
• Still time to clear the ground, removing any old plants and dig it over providing the ground is dry. It’s a good time to add any additional organic matter such as garden compost.
• Cut back all old stems on ornamental grasses to ground level to make room for the green growth that will be starting to push through usually in February.
• Divide snowdrops. To increase your clumps, lift them as flowers begin to fade and split them, replanting single bulbs a few centimetres apart.